The commune of Kadzid這 is situated in the middle of Kurpie with population over 11,000. Kadzid這 itself has the population of 4,300.

The name of the village (which means 'incense' in Polish), goes back to the tradition of digging for amber and processing it. Pieces of amber were mixed with juniper and used as incense in churches.

The village was founded in the beginning of the 18th century thanks to the efforts of Antoni Ma豉chowski, the governor of Ostro喚ka who, in 1781, funded a wooden church in Kadzid這. Now the church is situated in the village of D帳r闚ka. In Kadzid這 one can visit a neo-baroque church erected in 1881. At the entrance there are two baptismal fonts made of sea shells.

The commune of Kadzid這 covers the area of 250 sq. km, mainly woodlands with a variety of fauna and flora. The winding course of the river Rozoga with its picaresque banks and convenient campsites is yet another attraction of the commune. All those factors make it a perfect place for recreation, fishing and canoeing.

The commune of Kadzid這 has very limited industry. Natural beauty and rich culture have allowed for a dynamic development of agro-tourism in recent years. Preparation of accommodation on farms and establishment of a new nature trail (12 km long, starting in Kadzid這 and leading through Brzoz闚ka, D逝gi K徠 to Tatary) are only two examples.

Kadzid這 is the area where the native folk art is best preserved in ornaments, paper cut-outs, traditional costumes and other forms of folk craft. As many as 100 folk artists live and work here. The following are the most important events organized by Centrum Kultury Kurpiowskiej - CKK (The Center of Kurpie Culture):

  • 奸adami Kurpi闚 (Traces of the Kurpie) - an annual meeting with resident artists and craftsmen who demonstrate their craft using methods unchanged for hundreds of years, and give a performance going back to traditional rituals; times: March; location: a hall in CKK; admission free
  • Rajby Kurpiowskie (Betrothal Ritual of Kurpie) - a ceremony which begins a traditional Kurpie wedding. The performance is presented after Corpus Christi procession.
  • Wesele Kurpiowskie (Kurpie Wedding) - a performance based on traditional rituals, presented by 'Kurpianka' - a folk group of singers and dancers. Takes place everythird Sunday in june in Zagroda Kurpiowska (Kurpie Farmhouse) in Kadzid這.
  • Niedziela Kadzidla雟ka (Kadzid這 Sunday) - a folk festival. 'Turniej Wsi' (an intervillage competition) is the main element of this event. The contests are based on work and leisure activities of people who used to inhabit the woodlands of Kurpie centuries ago.

CKK in Kadzid這 sponsors the activity of three folk groups: a children folk group 'Kurpik', a folk group 'Kurpianka' and a Senior Citizens Club - `Kurpiowskie Serce'.

In Kadzid這 there is also 'Zagroda Kurpiowska' (Kurpie Farmhouse) - an open-air museum of local architecture. It is a farmhouse typical of this area, comprising of a granary, a barn with a special place for carts, a wood-shed, and an inn. The buildings with full farm implement illustrate everyday life of former inhabitants of those forests.

In 1997 a private museum of Czes豉wa Konopk闚na, who promoted folk culture in this region, was opened.

Everywhere in the commune one can find small shrines and crosses while trees of unique value adorn many places.

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